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Video Highlights

- I was overwhelmed as a mom, stressed and felt like no amount of "self care" or evenings out helped me feel refreshed

- My top 3 emotions were overwhelm, frustration and anger. I acted out in impatience and anger more than I want to admit too. 

- I would read amazing parenting books and articles and I would desire to change. I couldn't figure out how to change in the ways that I wanted to while my kids were screaming, disobeying or acting out.

- Through the tools I have learned as a Life Coach I have transformed 360 degrees. I feel empowered as a mother and feel more compassion and understanding for my kids. I rarely, if ever, yell. I know how to handle anything they throw at me. 

- I want you to know that you can make that transformation too! I am not a unicorn. I just have the tools to manage my mind and emotions. You can become the parent and the person that you want to be! You just need a guide.

- Wherever you are right now, you can grow, you can change, you can reach your goals, you can be happier. This change is possible, let me show you how. 

- I'm doing this for YOU. I'm here today... To HELP YOU make the changes you want to see in your life... BY YOUR DESIGN

Founding Member Launch

Join now and get EXCLUSIVE founders only benefits in BY DESIGN, my brand new group coaching membership for moms!

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Great Discounts


- Founding members get an exclusive discount of 15% off all current and future workshops. Workshops currently in development include: Positive Parenting, Mental Fitness for Teens, and Boost your Business.

- Special access to 30 minute individual coaching sessions at a discounted rate.

Monthly Coaching


- The first week of the month starts with a training lesson on a new topic each month and a live Q & A zoom call to answer any questions you have about the training, the program, coaching, or even any personal thought-work you have been doing on your own and want feedback on. 

- For the remaining weeks there will be group coaching sessions for you to be coached or watch others be coached live on. 

- All sessions will be recorded and stored for you to access on your own schedule, so you can join live or do the entire program self-paced and get ALL of the benefits of showing up live. 

Additional Content


- Founding members have the opportunity to help SHAPE the program with early feedback and requests for specific content PLUS...

-6-week Stop Overeating with Love (pre-recorded program and worksheets) $200 Value!!

-Build your relationship with you: Pre-recorded series of ALL of our Girls Nights from the past... $40 Value.

- Other mini-course trainings and bonus content will be developed and added on an ongoing basis

"I wanted to say a big thank you to you crystal…. For the first time in years I came home from a holiday without fear. I even feel happy! It’s amazing and wonderful! Thank you for walking me through how to change this"


"I can honestly say that her coaching has changed my life in many important ways. She has helped me to understand the dynamic in my marriage so that I can connect with my husband productively and positively. She has also helped me to view my role as a parent to our three children through a much healthier lens."


"I was struggling with feelings of helplessness around money and work. The thoughts that I was having were actually making me less productive; more inclined to avoid working because I was so used to failing myself. The coaching that Crystal provided allowed me to reframe those thoughts and start to make regular progress, which led to feelings of greater competence, which helped me feel more satisfied in my job, and more in control of my own destiny. She is naturally a great communicator and I felt that she really helped me to examine my own notions of what I was capable of."


"Each time I have walked away with new thoughts and actions to practice.

I have made a shift from believing in change to believing that change is in my grasp"


Founding Member

$47 CAD/month

Top features

  • New Training Each Month
  • Weekly Group Coaching 
  • PDF worksheets
  • Special access to individual coaching
  • Provide Founder input into the development of the program
  • 15% Discount on all workshops 
  • Amazing low founding member price for life
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I am SOOO excited to finally be launching By Design


I've been working for months to get it ready. By Design is all about getting you the answers to your biggest questions:

  • How to feel better about motherhood and parenting in a way that feels true to you
  • How to help my kids behaviour 
  • How to ditch mom-guilt for good
  • How to use coaching tools on a regular basis
  • Why overwhelm is a choice and how to not choose it 


Better yet, you’ll FINALLY have the PLAN you’ve been hungry for. You’ll know exactly how to manage your mind, what to do, and what your next steps should be that will lead you to a happier life.

As a founding member in my program By Design, you will get access to:

  1. Monthly Trainings on topics like How to Think on Purpose, Emotions and Mindfulness, Overcoming Buffering and Urges $50 Value
  2. Weekly group coaching $100 Value
  3. 15% discount on all workshops (Value varies depending on workshop price)
    1. Positive Parenting
    2. Teen Mental Fitness
    3. Boost Your Business
  4. Bonus content in the form of pre-recorded courses or mini-series
    1. Stop Overeating with Love, $200 Value
    2. Relationship with Self Series, $40 Value
    3. More to be added in the future 
  5. Access to individual coaching at a reduced rate $100 Value

All this for just $47/month. Why so so low you ask, what's the catch? There is no catch, you can cancel whenever you feel like it isn't working for you. I chose to price By Design so low because I want it to be affordable for every mom who wants it. I know what its like to have a tight budget and not be able to afford pricy self-care. Once I realized how powerful these tools that I've learn are, I didn't want any mom who really wanted to make changes but is just stuck to be excluded because of price.

I've put a ton of passion into building By Design 

and trying to show you how powerful this could be for you because I absolutely KNOW you can change your life... you just need the right guidance. We all need mentors at the right times in our lives, and if this is the point where you truly commit to excelling, then I’m here for you. 

I’ve poured my heart out to you because I know the difference this coaching can make in your life. It has made HUGE changes in mine. I feel empowered, confident and more like myself than I ever have before. I have seen huge changes in my children's behaviour and have the tools to truly help them through their struggles. Put these tools to work and you will be able to say the same thing.

I’m SERIOUS about helping you. That’s why I created this program - so I could help people make the changes that I've seen my private clients make and that I know are truly possible.

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